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Representative Projects

State of Connecticut Dams
Branford River Bridge
New Haven Harbor

Water Control

As a Coastal Connecticut located company, Giordano has learned that the best approach to water control projects is to take on the characteristic of the challenge- fluidity. Despite the best of planning, water always has an aspect of unpredictability, and the ability to respond quickly and intelligently is imperative so as to avoid ‘erosion’ of schedules, budgets and the quality of the work. Another important aspect of projects of this type is pollution control. Giordano has always taken a proactive approach to conformance with all clean water and safe drinking water legislation as it affects our industry. While these efforts began in the 1940s, the initiatives adopted in the 1970s have resulted in the resurrection of many waterways in our region. The gravest contemporary concern (as development increases) is managing the environmental impact of stormwater runoff. Essentially all construction projects that disturb existing soil and sediment conditions must adopt practices that prevent contamination both during and after the Construction Phase. The sitework that Giordano performs in close proximity to waterways is thus managed with particular diligence and care.