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Infrastructure and Utilities Infrastructure and Utilities

Representative Projects

Whitney Avenue Utility
Cross Campus Library
Yale Divinity School

Infrastructure Replacement and Utility Interconnection

Giordano has extensive experience performing sensitive utility interconnects and infrastructure repairs. There is no better example of the diversity of our involvement with this type of work than the many projects our Sitework Division has performed on behalf of repeat client, Yale University at properties such as the Peabody Museum of Natural History, Sterling Divinity Quadrangle and Old Campus (where the University’s Commencement ceremonies are held). Preparing these historic sites, located in New Haven’s tight dowtown district, for contemporary use often presents significant logistical and safety challenges requiring diligent and innovative project management. Giordano was the first contractor in the State of Connecticut to utilize trenchless pilot tube guided auger boring for Yale's Whitney Avenue Utility Interconnect project. The boring system enabled a retrofit of data communications, high pressure fire and power utilities running from Peabody Museum and Kline Geology Laboratory across the street to the University’s new Human Resources building. This procedure was performed while providing an uninterrupted flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic of a New Haven primary commuter artery.