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Hamden Middle School Hamden Middle School Hamden Middle School Hamden Middle School Hamden Middle School

Project Details

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Construction Budget:
$1 million

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Hamden Middle School

Giordano's sitework forces converted an old golf course and waste area for the new Hamden Middle School. The project involved extensive earthmoving and clearing, utility work and concrete as well as the installation of access roads, parking, and all of the school's outdoor athletic fields. During the cut and fill, Giordano unearthed a dump site that was used for the clean up operation from a tornado that passed through Hamden in the 1990ā€™s. In conjunction with the engineer, Metcalf and Eddie, an environmental work zone with perimeters was established, and air and dust monitoring devices were set up. We aided in the identification of the multitude of different contaminants that had been buried. Hazardous materials included asbestos, lead paint, cars, tractors, oil tanks, miscellaneous 55 gallon drums, oil impacted soil, asphalt, road salt, stumps). To help reduce disposal costs, we processed and isolated as much of the material as possible, and suggested a number of safe disposal options.


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