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Floyd Little Athletic Center Floyd Little Athletic Center Floyd Little Athletic Center Floyd Little Athletic Center

Project Details

S/L/A/M Collaborative

Construction Budget:
$25 million

Largest High School Indoor Athletic Facility in the State of Connecticut

Floyd Little Athletic Center

When the Floyd Little Athletic Center was dedicated, it was the fulfillment of a coach’s dream: a comprehensive and thoroughly modern facility to challenge the athletic prowess of the youth of the city. The award-winning project is the largest high school indoor athletic space in Connecticut. This field house stands as a monument to a community's aspirations, the architectural vision of S/L/A/M Collaborative, the commitment of New Haven’s leadership, and the efforts of Giordano's extensive team of construction professionals. The facility is a model of versatility. Not only does it serve all New Haven Public Schools and hosts numerous athletic and public events. Automated collapsing bleachers and numerous partitioning options also add flexibility. The project meets State of Connecticut High Performance Building Guidelines, and incorporates efficiency through design features such as maximized use of natural lighting (luminaires are high efficiency fluorescent and LED) and utilizing sustainable materials.


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