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Project Details

IKEA Property, Inc.

Construction Budget:
$22 million

CT's Largest Retail Facility
Challenging Coastal Site

IKEA, New Haven

IKEA, New Haven is widely perceived to be the most significant new economic opportunity the City of New Haven has experienced in decades, and is the largest single occupancy retail facility in Connecticut. Before concrete and foundation work could begin for the 326,000 sf store and warehouse, Giordano's GC division's first task was to convert the former Pirelli headquarters in the Long Wharf area of New Haven for development. This complex coastal property was littered with contaminates from prior use, and oil that remained on the surface of the groundwater continually leached into the soil with the change of the tides. Biological holds from a slaughterhouse as well as grease, oil and chemical impacted soil was abated and contained. We skimmed many of the pollutants from the top of the ground water, but also pumped into frac tanks to further treat and dispose of the contaminated water.

Under Giordano's influence, in less than one full year: 1200 piles (the site is comprised mostly of soft soil), 125,000 yards of offsite borrow, 16,000 yards of concrete, 900 tons of reinforcing steel, 6 miles of distribution piping, and 75,000 square yards of new pavement were put into place. During the installation of utilities, we were always working with the tide and ground water. Extensive sitework had to be delivered in winter months. The project required fast tracking, intense value engineering of every facet, and the implementation of many innovative construction techniques. Despite the challenges, all project milestones were completed in advance.