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Park Ridge Apartments Park Ridge Apartments

Project Details

John Matthews

Construction Budget:
$12 million

Subsidized Elderly Housing
Multi-phased Development

Park Ridge Apartments

The Park Ridge Apartments complex represents the best of Section 8 Public Housing: a real lifestyle opportunity rather than a “filing cabinet” solution. Developed, designed, and built by Giordano in response to a community request, the two original high rise apartment buildings have been owned and managed by the Giordano companies for more than thirty years. Wonderfully sited in the Westville neighborhood of New Haven, these properties receive a special set of continuing commitments from all involved. Beyond the extended care of the property itself, an active social program assures a continuing source of social activities and resident services. The recently completed seven story addition to Park Ridge Tower II provides 60 new housing units at Park Ridge (tripling the overall number of seniors able to enjoy some of the most desirable housing of its type in the area). Giordano used the design/ build system to streamline construction schedules in order to deliver this much needed housing with astonishing speed.


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