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McConaughy Terrace McConaughy Terrace McConaughy Terrace McConaughy Terrace

Project Details

Newman and Partners

Construction Budget:
$10 million

Family Housing
Community Development
Major Renovations

McConaughy Terrace

McConaughy Terrace is a Family development in the West Rock neighborhood, providing 201 homes for individuals and families with children. These garden-style walkup and 2-story homes offer spacious 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-bedrooms, bathroom, living room and eat-in kitchen, front and back entrances with a small patio and a common green area throughout. An on-site, city-owned playground with water sprinkler offers summer fun for children. The scope of work at McConaughy included: abatement and remediation of all existing structures; resolution of 15 years of underground water leakage problems; flushing, cleaning, and twenty-four hour monitoring of an existing storm drain system to identify cracked and crushed pipes that were replaced; erecting a new truss roof system over a flat roof that required a structural analysis of the existing building; installing a new gutter and rain leader system to tie into the new underground site drainage system; extending and relining chimneys to accommodate new truss roof system; replacement of all doors and frames in all structures; new interior finishes; installing new closet and utility rooms; replacement of damaged sidewalks; and landscaping.


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