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122 Wilmot Road 122 wilmot Road

Project Details

Construction Budget:
$12 million

Mixed-use Building
Community Development
Steel Frame Construction

122 Wilmot Road

This site, adjacent to (and the next phase of) the Housing Authority of New Haven's West Rock Redevelopment, provides 475 new housing units, and includes: 9,000 square feet of commercial space, 2,000 square feet of support services space, and 48 units for seniors. The site will be the gateway to the newly revitalized West Rock site and provide interfacing with Southern Connecticut State University. West Rock is a community development project anticipating the creation of 495 new housing units in phases over ten years. 80 homeownership units including 60 market-rate units and 415 rental units including 70 elderly-only units are planned. New streets and utilities will be built to create a neighborhood block pattern with houses facing the streets. Giordano is pleased to have provided construction services to HANH, one of the most innovative and forward thinking agencies of its kind in the United States, for half of a century. Past projects completed on behalf of HANH include Valley Townhouses, Riverview Apartments, George Crawford Manor, Matthew Ruoppolo Manor, Eastview Housing, and Waverly Street Apartments. Most recently, Giordano was Construction Manager of two HANH major modernization/restructuring projects: the high rise apartment complex Prescott Bush (60 units of senior/disabled housing originally built by Giordano in 1966) and the family development McConaughy Terrace (291 units of two-story row houses). Through many gratifying years working with HANH, the City of New Haven, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Connecticut Housing Financing Authority (CHFA), Giordano Construction has also acquired a thorough understanding of the initiatives and policies of the Section 3 Program, part of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968. Its purpose of ensuring employment, training, contracting, and providing other economic development opportunities for low income persons when federal dollars are expended and the federal law requiring that “to the greatest extent feasible” that at least 30% of all new hires should be Section 3 residents are well understood by Giordano. Giordano exceeded the workforce hiring goals for both McConaughy Terrace Family Development and Prescott Bush Elderly Housing.


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