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Peabody Museum of Natural History, New Haven

Yale Peabody Museum has recently begun a strategic plan for growth, accessibility and preservation of its collection through renovation of/ addition to its three facilities and the introduction of sustainable, energy use reducing building systems. The program, expected to be completed over the next ten years in three phases will provide for 51% more space for collections and 24% more space for exhibits, administrative offices, retail and public amenities. The plan also calls for the creation of a Lecture Hall, Multi-purpose Room, Atrium, and Café. Giordano is Project Manager of the first phase of this initiative, a major modernization/ renovation of the museum’s Fossil Halls (including the Great Hall of Dinosaurs) and support areas. Giordano has managed several capital improvement projects at Peabody in the past beginning with the construction of a new 6000 square foot roof over the existing skylight system above the Great Hall of Dinosaurs in 1996. The project ultimately created a new interior mechanical space located on the building’s roof. The scope, modified in the midst of construction by Yale to replace two existing handlers before the new roof was closed in, was particularly challenging in that the internal environment had to be kept stable throughout the duration of construction activities that included cutting beam pockets in the existing brick columns above the historic Zallinger Mural in order to provide attachment points for thirteen new 62 foot long steel beams. There were a number of carefully coordinated steps required to perform these activities safely without damage from vibration or water infiltration as the work progressed. In 2006, Giordano was asked to step in to complete a stalled exterior renovation of the museum involving re-pointing of 80% of the museum’s brick; replacement of 75% of the decorative stone, all of its windows, and 3 major roofs; and covering the original skylight structures with standing seam metal roofs. Again, these detailed restoration efforts were performed while the museum was occupied. Before each window unit was replaced, the collections housed in the interior spaces had to be protected from demolition debris and weather exposure. During this project, Yale retained two other contractors to perform repair work not under the umbrella of the Giordano project. This work required of Giordano’s team a great amount of coordination that required constant attention to scheduling and on the fly problem solving. Most recently, Giordano also took over as Construction Manager of: major building systems rehabilitation/replacement at Peabody’s Klein Geology Lab; and the installation of the museum’s much loved new Crustaceous Garden. Current Phase Architect:  Centerbrook Architects.