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Harkness Tower Harkness Tower Harkness Tower Harkness Tower Harkness Tower

Project Details

Wiss, Janney, Elstner

Construction Budget:
$7 million

James Gable Rogers, 1921
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Harkness Tower

The 216 foot high Harkness Tower underwent intricate renovations to repair its masonry, ornament and concrete substructure. Almost all of the exterior masonry was repointed; the brickwork was restored; and the carved stone was cleaned and patched, crack repaired, or replaced where necessary. Elaborate ironwork and stained glass was restored and protected. Hollow metal doors and frames Constructed between 1917 and 1921 as part of the Memorial Quadrangle. When the residential college system was inqugurated in 1933, it became part of Branford College. it was designed by James Gamble Roers in the gothic Revival Style with decorative sculpture by Lee lawrie. The tower's 284 steps lead to a roof which houses Yale's historic fifty-four bell Carillion (also 1921).