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Seton Nameplate

Born out of a grass roots family enterprise from the neighborhoods of New Haven, Fen Seton's identity products business quickly became a spiraling success, and this amazing growth led to the need for a facility with ample production and mail order areas. Branford, recognized as an attractive location for companies like Seton, had the right real estate resource with excellent highway access. Giordano was pleased to have been given the opportunity to build Seton's headquarters right down the road from our own. Inevitably, the name Seton was known throughout the entire nation’s business community as a company to go to for excellent products. Accordingly, it was natural for it to become a target for acquisition by the dominant corporation in their industry, the W.H. Brady Company from Chicago. Almost immediately after the acquisition was completed, Brady retained Giordano to convert some of the existing production space to additonal mail order and office space, and add on to more so as to double the production facility’s high bay floor area. It was a pleasure for Giordano to work with the Setons and the Brady Company as they became rooted in both Branford and the growing marketplace they serve.


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