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Construction Management, continued

The threshold “given” – Teamwork – begins with effective leadership. A thorough review of all documents seeks to discover and minimize inherent conflicts or incompleteness.   Recommendations are made regularly on matters of constructability, means and methods, and value engineering to effect the realization of a maximized cost/benefit ratio. Schedules and estimates are undertaken at all strategic intervals. The project is scoped by bid package with the goal of providing maximum disclosure to the bidders being paramount.  


To assure LEED compliance and conformance to High Performance Standards, an analysis of the life cycle cost, efficiency, and the sustainability of proposed systems and material is undertaken. Effective procurement methodologies; logistics, phasing, and safety plans; and, budget control reports are developed. Total Building Commissioning and Building Information Modeling (BIM) is regularly recommend as both provide a higher assurance that the owner’s goals and objectives will be achieved.


Giordano has successfully delivered a multitude of multi-million dollar projects that have received Federal, State, and/or City funding. We have extensive experience with the procedures and documentation for grants or loan programs. Familiarity with the requirements and restrictions imposed by governmental and other funding sources often be a pivotal factor in the projects ultimate go/no go conclusion.


Giordano attracts the highest quality contractors to the competitive bidding process to capitalize on the power of the area’s substantial contractor core and labor pool. Our self-performing capabilities give us full understanding of local labor and material markets making our budgeting more predictable and our procurement more consistent and cost effective. Additionally, our working knowledge of local hiring and business initiatives provide a consistent cross section of contractors and manpower to draw from.


A “minimum change order” mentality is bred from the start of every project. Toward that end, and leveraging the theme of Teamwork”, we believe that helping contractors through the process is imperative. Rigorous management of labor, materials usage, safety issues, schedule compliance, and quality control enables us to effectively avoid overages and add unspent contingency to programmatic needs.


Giordano’s Project Superintendents often participate in trade scoping, and thus helping them anticipate areas where contractors may have difficulty. They take on an ‘ownership’ attitude towards construction standards and are the eyes and ears of our Safety Manager. We believe that the safe environment of a clean, well-organized job site enables performance. Always striving for incident free projects, our  safety performance record is superior. Incident and lost time frequency rates are consistently better than state and national averages.


A successful Close-out actually begins at the initiation of the project. Our “As-Built” drawings and “Punch Lists” are pliable documents that are developed and disposed of regularly through the full term of the Construction Phase. As item by item shop drawings are processed to approval, we set aside record copies that ultimately become part of the final record turned over to those who will be responsible for the care and custody of the building. Giordano coordinates technical inspection and testing by Design Professionals and/or Commissioning Agents, and ensures that these actions are satisfactorily performed. During the equipment commissioning, it is our habit not only to introduce the operation of the building systems to the managers, but to also record the session for their future reference. It is during this period that all of the equipment is certified to specification and its operating characteristics are fully exposed to the building managers. These simple procedures provide us the where with all to make the transition between the construction team and the final user as unencumbered as possible.

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