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Project Details

Historic Renovation
Infrastructure Repair
Occupied Facilities

Old/ Central Campus and Hillhouse Avenue, Yale University

Old Campus is a complex of buildings on the New Haven Green consisting of dormitories, classrooms, chapels, and offices. It is the site of the first planned college campus in the United States. The oldest structure dates to 1752, but the majority are efforts of some of the most important American architects of the Victorian era. This area is also home to historically significant 20th century buildings. According to tradition, both Charles Dickens and Mark Twain described stately Hillhouse Avenue as "the most beautiful street in America." All of the former homes on the street with the exception of St. Mary's Church and its parish house are now owned by Yale. Since the late 1990s when the University began to rehabilitate and expand its impressive architectural inventory, Giordano has self performed or provided construction oversight at many of the properties in these extremely active areas of Yale's 260 acre downtown campus. Included are: all of the freshmen and upperclassmen residential colleges with the most extensive work at Branford and Saybrook; Harkness Tower; Sterling Divinity School; Sterling Memorial Library; Rose Alumni House; Dwight and Battel Chapels; University Commons; Cross Campus Library; Kirtland, Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona, Welch, Bingham, Farnam, Phelps, Hendrie, and Woolsey Halls; 35 Broadway; 294 Elm; 341 Crown; 149 York; 53 and 66 Wall; 451 and 435 College Street; 35, 51, and 52 Hillhouse; 55 and 221 Whitney Avenue; Ray Thompkins House; and Coxe Cage. The scope of work has ranged from new construction, major renovations (including state-of-the-art refurbishment or replacement of MEP, Fire, Elevator and Security building systems) and extensive utility interconnections to roof, windown and door replacements, delicate historic restoration (both interior and exterior), site improvements, and infrastructure repair.


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