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James Hillhouse High School James Hillhouse High School James Hillhouse High School

Project Details

S/L/A/M Collaborative

Construction Budget:
$33 million

Renovated As New
Occupied Facility
Phased Construction

James Hillhouse High School

The long overdue renovation and addition to James Hillhouse High School encompassed every area of the outdated and rapidly deteriorating structure. In order to transform the building into the modern learning environment that it is today, the failing utility systems were replaced with highly efficient alternatives, and a new, visually unified image was given to the entire school with all new finishes. The existing layout was reconfigured and consolidated to maximize usage while the school remained occupied. Giordano’s meticulous planning and oversight allowed for the completion of in-depths repairs and improvements without disruption to the daily activities or the extension of pre-established schedules. An addition, the Floyd Little Athletic Center, doubles the original footprint of the school. It is the largest high school indoor athletic space in Connecticut, and hosts an array of activities and events open to all New Haven Public Schools, the City at large and general public.


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