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As the single most important effort of any project, Pre-Construction provides either the bridge toward a streamlined Construction Phase or one that may be riddled with complexity and disappointment. Further, diligent project management during Construction can contribute to significant savings and added contingency that, in turn, can be applied to other needs. Giordano develops detailed quality, schedule, and budget control plans during Pre-construction that are closely monitored during Construction by our teams. As a result, Giordano has an excellent performance record of delivering projects on or under budget and schedule. We also understand that a well-organized, safe work environment enables performance. The ultimate goal of all Giordano projects is to be free of incident of any kind. Our safety and loss control procedures are extremely effective in maintaining this standard. Safety Manager Orest Budas is a certified OSHA Trainer, and it is Giordano's mandate that all supervisory staff receive maximized OSHA training. Our Safety Supervisors and Project Superintendents monitor daily construction activities aggressively. We are proactive in our approach to training and compliance of subcontractors as well, and review all participating parties' Emergency Modification Rates and OSHA violation histories prior to their involvement with the work program. These mandates are reflected in Giordano's outstanding safety performance history - incident and lost time frequency have always been far superior to both national and state averages.

Giordano has had a written Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Corporate Policy for more than sixty years, and has been a leader in initiatives of this type in the State of Connecticut. Giordano has never failed to comply with contract or labor standards for any project, and is pleased to be the recipient of the City of New Haven's EEO Commission's Contractor of the Year Award.