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historical imageGiordano Construction Co., Inc. has provided construction excellence to our clients for eight decades. During that time, we have completed millions of square feet of institutional, commercial and residential space throughout Connecticut. Brothers Michael and Vincent Giordano (photographed during a visit to a jobsite with their father) are the third generation of family ownership and operation of Giordano. Organized by their grandfather, Michael, the firm was also headed by their father, Vincent, who moved from housing to commercial construction in the 1950s. Michael, current President, and Vincent, Jr., current Vice President, both joined the firm in the early 1970s. Today, the multitude of contracting forms in Giordano's portfolio (construction management and administration, construction program management, design/build, turnkey development, general contracting, and fast track building) are testimony to Giordano's ability to address the differing needs of its individual clients and to do it well.

Giordano is 100% vested in the local economy, and takes pride in being a Connecticut builder that makes a continuing positive impact on the communities where we work. Our corporate headquarters has always been located in Branford, Connecticut. For every project, Giordano maintains a fully equipped on site office staffed with highly qualified and experienced construction professionals. Project Managers, Project Engineers, Safety Officers, and other supervisory personnel working in the field are thoroughly supported by the Branford office. All have ready access to expert in-house estimating, scheduling, planning, and procurement services. Accounting staff perform financial management, administrative requirements and document archive, and full time information technology experts are also on call. As point of contacts to our clients, all Giordano staff members are readily available and proactive in providing rapid responses.


Owners Michael and Vincent Giordano are committed to excellence. They participate in all project planning and directly oversee every project. Both have worked in the industry for four decades. Michael is a registered State of Connecticut Professional Engineer and Vincent is a licensed Plumbing & Piping Limited Contractor and Sub-surface Sewage Installer. Their management philosophy supports a team approach, and seeks to foster this mindset among owner representatives and end users; architects, engineers, and consultants; materials suppliers; and subcontractors from the start of project planning. During Pre-construction, interfacing Owner program requirements with budgeting, value engineering, means and methods studies, logistics/phasing planning, and scheduling (while optimizing construction efficiencies) often requires difficult judgments. For example, time management goals can dramatically influence manning requirements, materials selection, and overall costs. Giordano assimilates and organizes these considerations rapidly and efficiently to streamline collaboration with the project team to the best benefit of the program, and ensures smooth, efficient project delivery.


Giordano has thrived in Connecticut by means of mixing market diversification and flexibility with various construction delivery methods. While construction management is a primary focus, the ability to self-perform has been retained. Giordano owns several affiliate companies, including a full service lumberyard and a real estate management company. Not typical of the industry, this diversity grants Giordano the ability to serve the needs of its clients in multiple capacities as well as with a thorough understanding of local materials and labor markets. Our budgeting is extremely predictable (estimates are typically accurate within a few percentages), and procurement is consistent and cost effective. Through our subsidiaries such as Branford Building Supplies, we have immediate access to accurate information about the construction materials market, and provide clients with invaluable feedback on how well products perform in the field, expected return on investment, and the availability of innovative and/or sustainable alternatives. Giordano is fortunate to be viewed as a company others want to do business with, and has developed many positive relationships with local officials and Connecticut's best subcontractors. We are affiliated with local unions, and maintain a vast database of the area's best contractors (both union and open shop) from which we draw qualified bidders and use in meeting (more often exceeding) project hiring goals.